Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the means to injecting intelligence into sales processes and testing BPM capabilities to their limits. Over 70% of owners and executives said that to "better leverage big data and analytics in business decision making" would be a high or critical priority over the next 12 months. The challenge for process-focused organizations is how to adopt and harness this tremendous potential of AI and uncover all the powerful capabilities that machine learning provides for sales teams.


Bpm'online has been positioned as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites for Midsize Organizations, Q4 2016 by Forrester Research. Recognition as a Leader in this prestigious CRM evaluation was preceded by bpm’online’s significant investment into innovation and continuous enhancement of its products to serve the evolving needs of global business.

Bpm’online announces a real-life ROI case study on how successful implementation of a process-driven CRM software can boost ROI up to 271% within only 4 months. The latest CRM ROI case study conducted by Nucleus Research provides a clear overview of the core elements organizations need to consider when quantifying their ROI and benefits of a CRM deployment. Download the case study and explore how a carefully planned implementation can maximize customer satisfaction and increase revenue in the short-term.

Today, many organizations are put-off from moving from their cumbersome legacy system to next-gen cloud SFA solutions because this process is considered too be complex, time-consuming and costly. At the same time, recent surveys reveal that the right SFA software: increases deal closure by 30%; reduces sales cycle by 18% and increases revenue by 41%. We have outlined the top tips on how to ensure painless transition from the legacy system to a new SFA solution. Download the eBook:
77% of businesses state that digital transformation is their first strategic priority. However, digital transformation is the ultimate challenge for the majority of modern businesses. Throughout 2017, insufficient business process management (BPM) will prevent 80% of organizations from achieving the desired outcomes of their digital business strategies. Download this eBook and learn how to master digital transformation with CRM powered by BPM technology.

Bpm'online, whose unique process-driven CRM for marketing, sales and service helps thousands of organizations win more customers, has been included in the September 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management based on its completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Digital transformation is one of the most viable strategies to accelerate business activities, processes, competencies and models, and to fully leverage the opportunities available through digital technology. Successful companies are leveraging digital transformation to become more customer-centric while enhancing their operational processes to accommodate new customer behavior. 77 % of businesses state that digital transformation is their first strategic priority.

Bpm'online, whose process-driven CRM for marketing, sales and service helps thousands of organizations win more customers, has been included in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation, 2016 (1) based on its completeness of vision and ability to execute. According to the report, bpm’online received high scores for core Sales Force Automation (SFA) functions and its ease of configuration and modification. Sales Force Automation is a fundamental technology of how companies execute their business processes.

The studies have shown that 67% of sales reps don't attain their individual quota. Selling has evolved enormously in the past decades, transforming to a new level of art and science. In order to succeed and increase revenue, you have to use innovative technology built to add intelligence to the key sales activities. Download our eBook and explore the best tips to help sales reps make the most of their pipelines adding intelligence to their sales force automation.

CRM buyer’s guide

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Studies show that 70% of high-performing companies are using a business process management platform to handle their processes. However, when one looks more closely it becomes apparent that 43% of companies do not use their CRM potential to its max. Download this guide to learn how to choose a CRM system that perfectly fits your organization.
Recent studies predict that by 2017 about 70% of successful digital business models will rely on dynamic processes designed to evolve with customer needs. Download this eBook to learn how to streamline business processes, while improving efficiency in order to keep up with the pace of digital transformation.
Join our upcoming webinar to learn about the new milestones in business process management engine evolution, as well as new tools for marketing, sales and service automation available in bpm’online ver. 7.7 Register for the webinar and be the first to learn about the bpm’online platform’s latest major update!
Bpm’online has invited Paul Greenberg, the author of the best-selling ‘CRM at the Speed of Light’, Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC, to share his expert perspective on the values of aligning marketing, sales and service teams around the right processes and technologies.
Bpm’online in alliance with our trusted partner BrainSell, invite you to join the CRM best practice webinar on the values of a process-driven CRM compared to the traditional CRM. Join the webinar to learn how a process-driven CRM helps savvy companies accelerate digital transformation.

Recent studies predict that by 2016, 70% of high-performing companies will be using business process management platform to handle their processes. Moreover, industry’s experts report the shift of the CRM technologies towards processes and specifically to process-driven CRM. No longer traditional CRM is covering the needs of a rapidly changing business environment.  So what are the advantages of a BPM-driven CRM in comparison to the traditional one? What are the benefits of such technology?

Recent studies predict that by 2017 about 70% of high-performing companies will manage their business processes using a business process management (BPM) platform to accommodate growing customer needs. The experts are emphasizing the benefits of combining CRM and BPM technologies, pointing to the importance of incorporating business process management at every stage of customer journey. Forrester estimates the global BPM market growth from $4.4 billion in 2012 to $7.6 billion in 2016.

Bpm’online invited Rebecca Wettemann, a world-famous CRM analyst and vice president of Nucleus Research, to share her expert perspective on the values of the process-focused approach to CRM during the one-hour webinar. Don’t miss out on learning why adding greater process focus to your CRM will help your business stay ahead of the curve and gain the advantage against your competitors!
Bpm’online has been included in the Gartner CRM Customer Engagement Center Magic Quadrant, 2015. Gartner analysts evaluate providers on the quality and efficacy of the processes, systems, methods or procedures that enable IT provider performance to be competitive, efficient and effective, and to positively impact revenue, retention and reputation.

Bpm’online received a Top 15 CRM Enterprise Software Award for 2015/2016 by ISM Inc., a customer-centric strategic advisor to companies planning and implementing CRM. Once again, bpm’online proved its leadership as innovator in the fast-paced and growing CRM industry.

“This outstanding industry award reflects our commitment to creating best-of-breed technologies for process-driven CRM. Backed by our comprehensive BPM engine and out-of-the-box business processes, bpm’online products drive additional value to our clients, enabling them to bring industry best-practices to their work” — comments Michael Rooney, SVP & General Manager at bpm’online.

In the recent years, the CRM market has seen big changes. In the last five years alone, the market for enterprise organizations has consolidated while many new point solution vendors have claimed its place in the CRM space. With new technologies delivered via modern interfaces and strategies aimed at answering specific business needs such as lead generation management, sales performance optimization and omnichannel customer experience, the offerings have gotten more precise and sophisticated.

In the pursuit of better customer engagement and employee productivity, companies have adapted many experimental and novel techniques and models, including the play-it approach to non-game contexts.

Process-driven CRM is a term used to describe the blending of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Management (BPM). It entails understanding the importance of internal and external business processes in order to enhance client experience and satisfaction in the most efficient manner possible. Read the blog to learn the ways how a process-driven CRM can benefit your company.

Merging BPM & CRM

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Paul Greenberg, CRM industry influencer, speaks about the benefits of merging BPM & CRM, and explains in what way business processes help to fill the gap between information storage and its effective usage.

Digital Revolution & Technologies

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In this short video interview Laurence Buchanan, Director of EY Advisory Customer Centre of Excellence EMEA, explains how Digital Revolution impacted business and what is the role of customer management technologies in the Digital Era.